Dan, who is incapable of not asking a question once it crosses his mind and then tracking down an answer from somewhere, takes on the mystery of save games.  Why is it that some games end up with a save folder larger than the rest of the game combined, while others seem to have tiny saves that barely make a scratch on your HDD, or fit in a tiny bit of flash memory.  Why do some games load saves quicker in some areas than others, and others seem to load the same regardless.

Still no explanation for SiN’s load times though.

Ryan also has posted a bunch of videos of the two PhysiX enabled mod maps for UT3.  Check out what happens when you replace the Shock Rifle with the Gravity Gun.  Can it be enough to get Ageia’s cards off the shelves and into PCs?

“Why, you might innocently wonder, do so many computer games have lousy save/load features?

You know the sort of thing. Save files are all 500 megabytes. Or they’re not that big, but saving takes forever. Or saving’s fast, but loading takes an age, unless you’re close to the start of a level.”

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