The wait is over, Unreal Tournament 3 servers are being set up and populated as you are reading this.  Timed perfectly for the US Turkey day holiday, most gamers seem to be fragging each other with one hand while the other holds a drumstick.  The new type of game, Warfare blends Assault and Onslaught very well and the Torlan makes an appearance (in 2 different forms), so don’t pine too hard for your favourite Onslaught maps.  New vehicles will shock you the first time they land on your head, or chase you with their persistent beam weapons, and the old vehicle have undergone an overhaul.  New weapons in the form of mines and more change depending on the maps.  Head over to IGN for some nice screenshots and a closer look at the newest installment to Unreal Tournament.

“You get six modes, not including campaign, with UT 3: deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag (CTF), vehicle capture the flag (VCTF), warfare, and duel. You’ll notice that’s not the same list as UT 2004’s modes, since it’s noticeably missing assault, something I’m not too bent out of shape about. When outside of any vehicle-related modes, gameplay proceeds much as you’d expect it to. Deathmatch maps are, with a few more spacious exceptions, confined, twisted industrial complexes full of flak fire, perilous drops, and the occasional Redeemer pickup. Everyone’s wall-jumping, side-dashing, double-jumping, and firing simultaneously, making for a ludicrously action-packed experienced that’s always entertaining, at least up until the point where you start getting burned out. I know that happens to me, which is why I appreciate all the other modes.”

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