AnandTech has a round up of 8 (10 metric) PSUs that all sit in the sweet spot for powerful SLI/Crossfire rigs, between 730W-850W and run from $115 – $230.  They have all have various strengths and weaknesses, so you can get a feel as to which would suit you best, and their new oscilloscope pictures really give you a good picture as to the noise the various lines on these PSUs produce.

“We recently looked at lower performing power supplies ranging from 400W to 450W. While some of those offerings work well, the reality is that they’re not much cheaper to produce than slightly higher rated models, so most of that market is falling to the low quality, budget manufacturers. We return this week to higher performing PSUs rated at 730W to 900W that are more suited for high-end systems running more than one graphics card. It’s important to have the proper connectors – and a sufficient quantity of connectors – along with a good distribution of power across the rails. Nobody running a higher end system enjoys crashes in the middle of a gaming session, after all. We have quite a few models to test from several companies, including four 850W PSUs.

Also included is one model that officially only supports a 200VAC to 240VAC input. This PSU is for the European market, but we still found it very interesting. We are talking about the Seasonic X900, but Seasonic also serves as the ODM for other brands, several of which we have reviewed. Whether or not the Seasonic X900 shows up in the US under that name, we will almost certainly see it in some form.”

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