Our new Hardware Leaderboard has attracted a few followers, looking for recommendations on Best Bang for the Buck systems and specific parts as well.  If you are looking for advice on a build, want to brag about the build you recently did, or just have some opinions on parts then head on over and give them a piece of your mind.

Another relatively new section is the Intel Motherboards section, which has seen a lot of increase in it’s traffic thanks to the current products that AMD is providing.  You can check out a first look at a build using the X38 based ASUS P5E, although it is the vanilla version, so no onboard Linux goodness.  Over in teh storage forum, you can pick up some tips to help you avoid smashing your PC when it starts corrupting every file you download and some tips on when to defrag an external drive, and how safe it is if you decide it has to be done.

Head over to the Linux forum, one of the members has a chance to corrupt the minds … wait, I mean educate children about Linux.  Suggest your favourite flavour of Linux and child friendly games and software to load onto the PCs.  For those of us using Windows, catch some handy information on Microsofts magic decoder ring for all the error messages you see accompanying the BSOD.

There is plenty of stuff to catch in the forums this week and the more you participate the more there will be to find next week … and if you haven’t listened yet, the 15th PC Perspective Podcast is up and ready.