nVIDIA has pulled a fast one on us … again.  Right after the sneaky release of the 8800GT, which seems to have made the entire GTS line obsolete, The Inquirer has spotted a review of a 112 shader version of the 640MB 8800GTS.  The clock speeds will be up to the various manufacturers like BFG, XFX and the others to decide, and if they do raise the frequency enough then we will see the GTS pass the GT again.  No word on the price yet, one of the main points of attraction about the 8800GT.

“The latest ruse is a new spin of the 8800 GTS, which was practically obsoleted by the new GT’s performance. The new GTS, however, will sport 112 shader processing units, as opposed to the 96 in current cards. This will give it a tad more power, and it should leapfrog the 8800 GT again, although this will be dependent on clock configuration, which the green team is happy to let its partners play with.”

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