Once again, those Chilehardware fellows have managed to sneak some pictures of upcoming products, this time the reference design for the AM3 chipset from AMD.  Slashdot has a link to both there and an English site that is easier to understand than using Babelfish to translate the Spanish forums.  AMD is certainly looking at expanding their onboard audio and video solutions with the reference board used to make the diagram.

Chilehardware has released what appears to be a confidential image showing the future customer desktop AM3 reference boards for AMD and ATI. Here is an English site talking about this reference design image and the features it enables. ‘The biggest improvement for this generation of chipsets is the audio and video capabilities integrated into the motherboard. The new features packed into these chipsets are beginning to look like standalone platforms. The RS780 supports DirectX 10 and has a UVD, which is similar to most High-end cards of today.'”

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