Silverstone has two new HTPC enclosures out the cheaper LC17 which lacks an LCD and the GD01 which does sport a display, as well as some other extras*.   Either choice offers enough space inside to fit a full ATX board, and the cooling will keep your rig cool, which becomes important if you are trying to do HDTV at high resolutions.  Straight out of the box it wasn’t quiet enough for SPCR, but a few screws, snips and twists later and even the most sensitive of ears won’t be offended by either of these running in the living room.

*Feline Not Included

“Silverstone has a huge lineup of home theater PC cases. The GD01 and LC17 are mid-size models that can accommodate ATX motherboards. They look quite different at a quick glance, especially when the GD01 is equipped with the optional VFD, but under the skin they’re almost identical. How well do they perform the role of silent entertainment machine?”

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