Sunbeam and Tuniq, the brand most of their PC components are sold under, is seeing it’s influence grow.  With several reasonably designed cases and one of the best price/performance CPU coolers on the market, the name is become much more well know.  Now they head into the high voltage market of ultra powerful PSUs.  techPowerUp! reviews their 1200W Tuniq Ensemble, with a 140mm fan and some rather impressive claims as to it’s efficiency. 

“The Tuniq Ensemble is Sunbeam’s latest high-end PSU offering. It comes in at a whooping 1200 Watts with a large number of connectors included. For all your SLI/CrossFire needs you have two PCI-E 6-pin and two PCI-E 8-pin connectors available. Sunbeam has focused on making this a stable and efficient power supply and did a great job, the efficiency rating during our testing is well above 83%.”

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