FSP has been making power supplies for other brands for a long time now, but have never really sold them by themselves.  The Everest 1010 PSU is a break from that tradition, and unsurprisingly it is a well executed kilowatt power supply.  It has plenty of 12V power, modular cabling and it was able to take what the Guru of 3D threw at it without displaying increased heat, or noise.

“Today Guru3D will have a peek at another Kilowatt PSU, this time from the folks at FSP. And I know now you are saying … huh, “FSP”? Quite honestly it’s one of these manufacturers that make quality PSU’s themselves, yet you have seen it under a lot of other names like Zalman, Thermaltake and OCZ.

FSP recently released a 800 and 1010 Watt high-end power supply in e(re)tial. The PSU’s have a good feature set with active PFC, short-protection (OCP/SCP) and enough connectivity for the latest high-end components in your system, including PCI-Express 2.0 8 pin 12 volt rails; 4 of them with 20 AMPs each meaning that this PSU is SLI, three-way SLI or CrossFireX ready.”

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