Up for review on PC Apex are a pair of coolers from Zalman, the low profile CPU cooler, CNPS8000 CPU and the powerful VF900-Cu for your GPU.  The results come in how you might expect a company better known for taming the heat from graphics cards, the CPU cooler’s performance is certainly not embarrassing, but could be a lot better.  On the flip side, the GPU cooler shows off what Zalman can do, and will be a welcome edition to anyone wanting quiet performance.

“Installation was child’s play, at least for my socket 939 CPU. You simply interlock the mounting clip pieces around the base plate and clip the heat sink onto the stock motherboard retention frame. You do need to check the clearance on your motherboard capacitors and any heat sinks sprinkled around the motherboard. On the DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D, one of the heat pipes barely cleared a mosfet heat sink. Low profile coolers do have their drawbacks, and the CNPS8000 is no exception. Users with Intel CPUs must replace the retention frame.

Installing the VF900 is just as straightforward as the CNPS8000. You lay it on a flat surface, put some thermal paste on the GPU and line all the little pieces up the way its shown in the exploded installation view in the user manual. The user manual is very well written and has plenty of step-by-step explanations and illustrations so that even the biggest noobs won’t have a problem.”

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