Everyone wants a faster internet connection, and there is a way to increase the speed that you may have never tried.  The majority of motherboards now come with dual LAN, which may give you a hint as to what the suggestion in the Networking forum is about.  Sure you have to pay for a second ISP, but that will still end up cheaper than most fibre optic providers. 

Speed matters in another way as well, Crysis!  There isn’t really a system on the planet that can play that game well when it’s settings are maxed, with anti-aliasing and a high resolution.  It can be played, and if you want to see it on high or very high, check out the Hardware Leaderboard forum.   Not only can you get suggestions from your fellow members, Ryan has just finished a shiny new version of the official PC Perspective Hardware Leaderboard, who’s graphics now feature the rather nice surprise AMD gave us this week.

If you are setting up a new PC, this might be the perfect time to customize your Windows install disk, and this handy guide will show you just how easy it is to do, and the tricks you can teach it.  BEfore you do purchase the PC, make sure you read the experiences our members have had with similar components in all the rest of our hardware forums, and check to see if you can’t find some of those parts cheaper at The Trading Post.