Seagate and Western Digital have both been taking enhancement products, and now they each sport a hard drive with 1000 GB of storage.  Seagate’s 1TB Barracuda 7200.11 ES.2 is aimed at the desktop crowd, and sports a possibly performance enhancing 32MB cache and 4 250GB platters and will run you about 27 cents per gig.  The Western Digital takes a more responsible approach with their Green Power 1TB Caviar, the usual 16MB cache and a spin rate that varies between 5400-7200RPM, hence giving you the reason for the green moniker.  That drive will run you about 25 cents per gig.

Read on at AnandTech to see how these two very different drives stack up against each other and speed demons like the Raptor.

“When one manufacturer has a breakthrough in hard drive capacity, the other manufacturers rush to make sure their product line contains at least one entry at the new capacity level. However, it can sometimes take a while for actual product to arrive after these announcements, so it can be difficult to buy the particular drive that a consumer wants. Fortunately, the distribution channels have begun to fill with 1TB drives over the last several months, and consumers are now able to buy these massive hard drives with relative ease. In our head-to-head comparison today, we pit Seagate’s 1TB Barracuda 7200.11 ES.2 against Western Digital’s 1TB Caviar GP, along with updated results from the Hitachi 1TB drive that kicked off the “Era of Tera”.”

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