Following up on their look at the new AMD 790FX chipset, The Tech Report carries on into a full review of the Phenom processors that will benefit from the chipset.  They had the time to but together a huge gamut of benchmarks to run through, comparing the 9900 and 9600 to 10 other dual and quad core processors, so it will take you a while to assimilate all the information.  In the end, they conclude that any current owner of an AM2+ system now has an easy upgrade path to a CPU that gives the Q6600 a run for it’s money.

“Chances are you already know at thing or two about Phenom processors. After all, they’ve been in development for years, and AMD has been talking about them publicly for quite some time. In fact, we’ve even reviewed the exact same silicon in different outerwear, the quad-core Opterons, earlier this year. We’ve heard all about how Phenom will be the world’s first “native” quad-core desktop processor, how such integration has tangible benefits for performance and power consumption, and how folks will be absolutely stunned by the synergistic convergence of Phenom processors, the 790FX chipset, and Radeon HD 3800-series GPUs.

What we didn’t have, however, were answers about some key Phenom basics: How fast will it be, both in terms of clock speeds and performance per clock? When will it be available? And will it have been worth the, erm, considerable wait?”

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