DriverHeaven has posted a review of the easiest way to get CrossFire up and running, the Visiontek 2600XT Quad.  This card is actually two 2600XTs joined at the hip, with the ability to disable the second card if you feel the need.  While even a pair of 2600XTs has difficulty keeping up with less expensive nVIDIA cards in gaming, ATI really gets to show off it’s superior HD Decoding.

If you are more interested in gaming, check out our new reviewers look at the ASUS EN8600GT OC with 256MB of 700MHz DDR3.

“What …. another 2600 review? Well before you close the window, this is no ordinary 2600XT, Visiontek’s new “Quad” 2600XT is basically two cards in crossfire, slapped together with a mighty 1 GB of ram! Hardware video acceleration and the ability to power four 2560×1600 monitors certainly deserves some attention, right?”

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