nVIDIA has egg on it’s face after they made a peculiar announcement at their Editor’s Day, which you can see on the slide over at The Inquirer.  With the troubles that all their cards but the new 8800GT have playing back HD content at high resolutions, one might think they would be careful about making that sort of statement. 

Apparently not.

“AT NVIDIA’S recent Editor’s Day to promote its Geforce 8800GT, the firm claimed that rival AMD’s Radeon 2900XT was incapable of HD playback at 2560×1600 resolution.

Nvidia even produced a slide trumpeting the difference and this had AMD seething.

While Nvidia’s own GeForce 8800GTX and 8800Ultra can’t do full-screen in resolutions above 1920×1200, due to its single-key HDCP, this is not true of the ATI Radeon 2900XT – a chip that got beaten by the 8800 in almost every other test.”

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