Xoxide has been relatively quiet, with not many cases up for review on the web, but R&B Mods picked up their X-Purity LCD Edition Case to check out what their designers have been up to.  The cooling solutions used in the case have fallen behind the  time, with 80mm fans being used, though they are placed well.  The lack of tool-less installation keeps the price down, so with it’s large side window and built-in front LCD display, the case is very sharp looking for it’s price.

“With the large number of case manufacturers on the market, we here at Rbmods.com don’t get a chance to review every case on the market. But it’s still exciting when we get to evaluate a new company’s case, especially when they offer features that stand out amongst the crowd. Today we get to look at a case from Xoxide, a provider of a wide range of case and cooling accessories, called the X-Purity LCD Edition Case. Will this case turn out to be pure bliss or pure torture? We will find out in this review.”

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