Soyo Group’s 20.1in TFT-LCD Monitor 2058 sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to quality.  It’s 8ms responses isn’t awe inspiring, but should be acceptable in most situations, the 300nit brightness and contrast ratio of 600:1 also place it in the mid range, as does it’s 1400×1050 resolution.  Thankfully, it’s price also matchesOCIA this regular aspect monitor a try, and didn’t walk away disappointed.

“Often times, in the hype of building up a great new rig with all of the hottest new components, we forget that, beyond calculating pi and folding protein molecules, the computer experience comes entirely from peripherals. Almost nobody includes keyboards, speakers, or even monitors in their budget. In reality, though, a nice new monitor can make your old rig feel new again.”

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