The Razer Lycosa takes gaming keyboards in a slightly different direction than the oversized, extra numpad sporting ones that we have been seeing quite frequently.  Instead of adding buttons, they modifed them, topping them with rubber and shortening them to a height more often found on laptops.  The WASD keys glow, and the lighted logo also toggles the windows key on and off.  ExtremeTech did find some drawbacks, but it’s hard to find a keyboard that is easier to use in a dark room.

“With a reputation for gaming mice like the Diamondback and Copperhead, Razer further distances themselves as “that gaming mouse company” with the release of their third gaming keyboard, the Lycosa, a successor to the popular Tarantula. Like its predecessor, the Lycosa sports a very sexy and stylish monotone design—accentuated with a glossy, reflective finish, and this time with a complete set of blue backlit keys. From overhead, it resembles the Bat-Signal.”

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