Keyboards and mice tend to be cheap and lacking in features or designed with gaming in mind, with a few targeted towards office workers.  This leaves people who have adopted HTPCs stuck with a full sized mosue and keyboard hiding somewhere in their TV room, unless they paid extra for a remote that works with Media Centre.  X-Gene offers you an alternative with their Media Centre Keyboard.  One of the biggest inclusions to this wireless keyboard is a trackball, so you will no longer spend time hunting for the mouse in the couch.  Gamepyre also liked the fact that it’s signal is powerful enough to reach even the most ingeniously hidden HTPC system.

“X-gene has come up with a pretty nice, clean basic keyboard to use with your home theater system. As we see more home theater systems moving away from multiple bulky components to a single slim line PC. Keyboards like these will be essential to controlling all the features of your media center system. A small remote control can only do so much. A small wireless keyboard like this gives you the full functionality of your PC without requiring some bulky peripherals. There is really no down side to this keyboard other than the two items mentioned earlier. It does everything it claims to. While I would not use this to replace my keyboard on my work PC, it defiantly has a home with any home theater PC”

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