If you drop $4000 on the new Wow laptop, you are not likely to take to too many places where it might get damaged or stolen.  You might even chase away anyone with a drink that comes within 10′ of you at a LAN Party.  It isn’t going to go on vacation with you, no one else will ever be allowed to touch it and you may even go so far as to handcuff it to yourself if you ever flew somewhere with it.  For those of us who actually want to be able to use the laptop in less than pristine environs, Digital Trends offers a look at several notebooks that you can use on the road.

“Let’s face it, not all laptops live the cushy lives you see depicted in commercials. Board rooms, airplanes and living room couches may be the domains of Mr. Corporate, but out in the real world, laptops don’t have it quite so easy. They get knocked around. They get spilled on. They get stolen. And all of these are reasons not to invest in the latest and greatest model – and instead go with a budget laptop.”

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