AMD has now released the final Cat of the year.  7.12 is the number, and the amount of fixes are… minimal.  Better DX10 performance in Company of Heroes on HD 38×0 cards, and improved Overdrive functionality with HD 2900 cards.  On the Linux side there are quite a few more fixes.  Support for RedFlag 6.0 and OpenSUSE 10.3, as well as a handful of major fixes under OpenGL.

These are WHQL certified of course, and come in all the favorite OS flavors.  This will be the final Catalyst release of the year, but supposedly in next year’s first release we will see support for CrossFire X (CrossFire with more than 2 cards).  This would make sense considering the R680 based boards (dual RV670) will be making their grand entrance.

You can download the latest from here: