FREMONT, CA (December 11, 2007) – ASUS, worldwide leader in component and notebook design and manufacturing, today released the world’s first overclocked graphics cards based on NVIDIA’s highly anticipated GeForce 8800GTS 512 graphics processing unit (GPU) – the EN8800GTS TOP/HTDP/512M and the EN8800GTS/HTDP/512M. With overclocked stream processors, the EN8800GTS TOP gives users a 7% boost in performance, creating a feature-rich DirectX 10 gaming and multimedia playback experience. Thanks to the GPU’s 65nm manufacturing process, the new ASUS graphics cards consume less power while still delivering blistering fast graphics performance.

Incredible Out-Of-Box Performance Upgrade
The ASUS EN8800GTS TOP features factory-overclocked clock speeds to guarantee a superior user experience: the core clock is increased from 650MHz to 740MHz, the memory clock from 1940MHz to 2070MHz, and the shader clock from 1625MHz to 1800MHz. In 3DMark06 benchmark, these unparalleled performance gains improve the EN8800GTS TOP’s performance from 10977 to 11782, representing a 7% boost over the reference design.