ASUS Xonar Returns Hardware Accelerated Audio to Windows Vista

— Latest Xonar D2 Drivers Revive EAX Functionality and Eliminate Microphone echo —

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA (December 18, 2007) – To satisfy demand for high-fidelity audio while gaming in Windows Vista®, ASUS®, worldwide leader in notebooks, consumer electronics and PC components, today released DirectSound® 3D Game Extensions (DS3D GX) and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technologies in the latest Vista drivers.
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DS3D GX 1.0 – The Audio Solution for 3D Gaming in Windows Vista

The removal of the traditional DirectSound 3D Hardware extension Application Program Interface (API) in Windows Vista has flattened the PC 3D audio landscape. Gamers running Vista lost DirectSound 3D Hardware positioning, surround sounds, and EAX® effects while playing a multitude of existing DirectX® titles. To circumvent this problem, ASUS has utilized a breakthrough gaming audio technology – the new DS3D GX for not only the latest Xonar D2X and U1 products, but also existing Xonar D2 audio cards.
DS3D GX technology revives DirectSound 3D Hardware and EAX effects. It wraps Vista DirectSound3D’s API and translates games’ DirectSound3D Hardware and EAX commands to Xonar’s audio engine, reproducing the original effects that would otherwise be lost in other audio devices. DS3D GX library is fully compatible with DirectSound3D standards in all versions of Microsoft DirectX and hence supports many existing popular DS3D games. Furthermore, it coexists with Dolby® and DTS® post sound processing. Gamers can now enjoy DS3D or EAX gaming effects over “Dolby Headphone”, “Dolby Digital Live” or “DTS Connect” for immersive and realistic digital 5.1 cinematic surround sounds.

Easy Upgrades at No Additional Cost

With DS3D GX technology, proprietary API deployment efforts like OpenAL are unnecessary for both game developers and your sound devices. Unlike competing solutions, DS3D GX does not require patch installations or additional expense. Users automatically get DS3D GX functions immediately after installing updated Xonar drivers. The ultra audio fidelity combined with DS3D GX functionality makes the Xonar an easier and more complete solution for gamers who want to enjoy playing games on Vista now and in the future.

DS3D GX 1.0 Compatible Games on Windows Vista

The following popular DirectX games have been tested to work with DS3D GX technology on Vista. More verified game titles will be added to the list and those not in the list now may also work with DS3D GX technology.
•    Call of Duty 2
•    F.E.A.R
•    Quake 4
•    Blood Rayne
•    Star Wars Repubic
•    Far Cry
•    Final Fantasy VIII
•    UT 2003
•    UT 2004
•    Warcraft III
•    Xpand Rally
•    Fur Fighters
•    Freedom    
•    Crusaders of Might and Magic
•    Serious Sam
•    Croc II
•    Condemned:Criminal Origins
•    Dungeon Siege
•    Red Faction
•    Resident Evil 3
•    Rollcage
•    Rome- Total War
•    Sacrifice
•    Sammy Sosa: Softball Slam
•    Shade:Wrath of Angels
•    SpaceForce
•    HitMan
•    Commando

AEC Technology Provides Crisp and Easy Voice Communications

The latest drivers for the Xonar D2 also include “Acoustics Echo Cancellation (AEC)” technology which facilitates the best online voice communication quality. AEC is a sophisticated algorithm which cancels speaker echo that enters the microphone. This technology eliminates up to 40dB of echoed speaker signals coming from the opposite end. Furthermore, AEC significantly suppresses ambient white noises that would otherwise be picked up by the user’s microphone. Switching on AEC cleans up ambient hiss from voice input signals – making the Xonar D2 the sound card of choice for both chatting in VOIP applications (MSN, Skype, Google, QQ, etc.) and online gaming.

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