Does the time it takes to burn 25GB of data got you down?  The brand new LG GGW-H20L Super Multi Blue burns regular Blu-ray disks at 6x speed, but the rewritable versions are stuck at 2x.  There was a little bit of a problem when burning Blu-ray at high speed, but it was easily fixed and shouldn’t be a concern for anyone looking at this drive.  Unfortunately, CDRLabs couldn’t tell us how much this drive will cost.

“The GGW-H20L is the first drive with the ability to write to BD-R media at 6x. While the time saved by going from 4x to 6x isn’t as great as the jump from 2x to 4x, the drive took less than 22 minutes to write an entire 25GB disc, beating the GGW-H10N by a good margin. The GGW-H20L also performed very well when writing to BD-R DL media, taking half the time of other Blu-ray Disc writers. Reading Blu-ray and HD DVD discs wasn’t a problem for LG’s new drive either. In our tests, the GGW-H20L read BD-R discs at 6x and both Blu-ray Disc Movies and BD-R DL media at 4.8x. Unfortunately, it’s speeds were limited to only 2x when reading BD-RE discs. ”

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