Gideon Tech has gathered a roundup of caffeinated beverages, not an easy feat considering how many have appeared lately, to see which work and which can actually be swallowed without choking.  The classic cola look makes an appearance, but greens, reds and other colours are also in evidence.  See which one might become your little helper.

For your entertainment while sipping on your favoured caffeine delivery system, you can listen to the latest PC Perspective Podcast.  #17 features an new participant, Josh Walrath, and we delve into AMDs errata among other things.

“What better way warm up the winter months than with a jittery caffeinated writer? has sponsored this showdown of caffeine with drinks and mints. One test subject has been taking in about 24-48oz of Pepsi for the last couple of years, as well as using the penguin mints to help pick himself up in the morning or afternoon after a late night of gaming. Some extra caffeine couldn’t hurt right?”

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