Well, this is cruddy news.  If you read my recent 3-Way SLI review you’d have noticed I used an early copy of the Crysis 1.1 patch to try and increase SLI scaling.  Well, if you were ready to get your hands on that release….SORRY!  Delayed again according some Crysis-based forums
Patch #1 Delayed – The Reason
In an interview around the street date of Crysis we have mentioned to release the first patch within the next two weeks. Till then we already made quite a good progress on the patch itself and it was close to being shipped. Unfortunately due to heavy technical issues that appeared right before the patch was declared final we could not release it in time.

Patch #1 – Current Status
Thus we fully concentrated on the issues to get them addressed and resolved. So far the progress on the patch is quite satisfying since everything seems to be working as intended. Currently the patch is being reviewed by Crytek’s and EA’s QA departments and we expect to get the final feedback submitted in the first week of January.

Patch #1 – Scheduled Release
Based on this feedback we will be able to set a release date for the long awaited Patch #1 for Crysis. If no major problems occur we expect to have it available for public download within January 2008. This is of course related to the reports from the QA departments, but we are confident to match the schedule.