The Inquirer reports on a development with nVIDIA that may distract from the various issues AMD is suffering through, like their errata problems killing Quad FX and slowing down the Phenom.  While AMD has demonstrated (but not let anyone test) 4 way CrossFire,  the 780i chipset is having difficulties getting that third card to work with SLI.

“The one 16x PCIe1 slot may or may not be connected to the south bridge, the diagrams are purposely misleading here. In the end, you have 2 PCIe2 links 2 hops from the NB, and one PCIe1 link one hop from the SB.

See a latency problem? Thouight so. To make matters more humourous, how well do you think the third card does four hops away from the other two while running at half the speed? We sense problems in the making, do you? This could quite possibly be why the 780i and 3SLI are so delayed and fraught with problems.”

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