SilverStone’s Temjin enclosures rank up there with a very few others at the high end of quality features and especially price.   Many enthusiasts just are not willing to drop more than $200 on their case, especially if they have no plans to use the extras that raise the price so much.  SilverStone’s answer is the Kublai KL01, which shares the look of the Temjin, but with some of the extras trimmed down.  You can see what t-break thought of this case in their full review.

You can also catch a brand new review of Swiftech’s H20-120 Compact liquid cooling system by Stan Luymes at the top of the front page.  It’s designed for simplicity, which also let them keep the price down, so even if you’ve never tried watercooling, take a look.

“SilverStone sent us their Kublai 01 chassis, aimed at enthusiasts that require a finely balanced system with cooling and quietness but without the extra features from the flagship Temjin series chassis. KLO 1 features traditional interior layout, but it is highly organized and tuned for quiet operation and effective cooling.”

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