Taking a tip from the band of the same name, the upcoming Asus U2 notebook is going to cure cancer and stop worldwide poverty.  Or maybe it just “Reinvents Luxury Computing Experience with Delightful Detailing and Advanced Performance.”  You decide:

Hot New Asus U2 Notebook - Mobile 3Taipei, Taiwan, December 22, 2007– The compact 11.1″ widescreen U2 is made with extensive detailing and leading technology, taking luxury computing to a whole new level.Based on the latest Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology, Windows® Vista® operating system, the U2 further offers a 32G Solid State Disc (SSD) memory module that is lighter and more reliable than standard hard drive while remarkably speeds up the computer boot up and consumes less power for longer operation.

Luxury and Utility Fused Into One
The U2 is designed and crafted to the highest levels of luxury, a bona fide lifestyle accessory that is yet infinitely useful and versatile. The luxury feast extends to the very chassis itself. A unity of form and function, screen and keyboard are joined seamlessly at the polished plated hinge whose design is inspired by that of luxury cufflinks. Hand polished stainless steel frame and copper etch detailing exist in sublime harmony with premium leather, creating an interplay of warmth and cool high-tech aesthetic that mirrors the principle of perfection attained from visual and tactile balance.

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