There is a patch out for Bioshock, offering some bug fixes as well as new plasmids and the option to turn off Vita-Chambers … Xbox players also get a new achievement.  For those who purchased through Steam, or the Xbox, the patch is easy to find, otherwise head to The Cult of Rapture to pick it up.  Slashdot also has links to rumours of a BioShock 2, and a look at some of the infighting and why the Bioshock team is starting over from scratch, and not necessarily because they wanted it that way.

“Take Two notes that there’s new downloadable content on the Xbox Live service for 2K Boston/Australia’s BioShock. The ability to turn off the vita-chambers, as well as new plasmids and a brand-new achievement, will be included in the free update. The update will also fix the ‘widescreen issue’ that caused some consternation just after the title’s release. There are also some rumours going around about the future of the series, in the form of a post to the Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog. That post is in turn based on comments from games industry rumor-blog Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars.”

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