Well, I’ve been off my feed for a few months and I have a backlog of interviews to get out. I hope you will forgive me my slacking off. We will be getting right back in the saddle with a real gem!

I have the extreme pleasure in posting an interview with a member who has consistently been a sincerely valuable asset to us….3dfxrain So, without wasting any more of your Saturday:

Hi there. Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Uncle Bob, a Mod here at PC Perspective. We will be running a series of articles within the forum that will be called Mod Interviews. I ask revealing, embarrassing, stupid, probing questions of Mods as well as members and hopefully you get to laugh with us at ourselves and in the process get to know some of us better. Beware, not all these folks are as forthcoming as you may like, I do my best to uncover the truth, but haven’t always hit the mark!  

1. I realize many of the mods here are in a witness protection program of some sort, but can you give us your real name?
Yes of course. I can give you my first name. I’m Damon. Nice to be here. Interview with member 3dfxrain - Editorial 4

2. Why did you join PCPer/AMDMB?
I initially joined AMDMB.COM which is now PC Perspective, in January 2001. Before joining I actually lurked on the forums as a visitor for weeks before actually becoming a member of the forum. At first, I was particularly shy about the Off Topic forum however I found that it was easier for me at first to post in the Asus forum. I recently purchased my first AMD motherboard and CPU. It was a Athlon 750Mhz CPU and a Asus A7V. I was concerned about the reliability of the product and technology that was in it and I posted a lot in the Asus forum. Over time, it became easier for me to post in different forums and I became more comfortable with reading what other people had to say in them and also about what I posted. I got to know people here. Perhaps they have also been able to get to know me a little.

3. Which forums do you frequent the most?
The forums at PC Perspective that I frequent in the most is probably Off Topic, Gaming, and Video Cards, Editing and Displays, however, I can be seen posting in other forums at PC Perspective such as Tech Talk, Processor Discussion and the Windows forums.

4. Why do you keep coming back?
Because the people on the forums are among the best people I’ve been in contact with on the Internet. I like to believe that we have a lot of fun and are able to exchange idea’s.

5. What was your first experience with a computer?
The first experiences with computers was in fact arcade gaming machines, the type where money is inserted in order to play it. I remember playing games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Atomic Runner and Bubble Bobble from the ages of 5-10. Then it extended to gaming consoles when I was 10-14. The first personal computer I experienced was a Apple Mac IIe which was in the school I was attending. It was not until I was 14 when I first began using IBM Compatible PC’s.

6. Do you prefer to be called a “geek” or a “nerd”?
I would prefer to be called a geek. Interview with member 3dfxrain - Editorial 4

7. What do you do like to do the most here at PC Perspective?
To read what people have to type and post on the PC Perspective forums. I find their posts and opinions on a wide range of topics to be interesting.

8. What do you like most about PC Perspective?
I like the forums the most however I also read PC Perspective’s Tech News, Articles and Reviews.

9. OK, we all know this is coming…What do you like least about your PC Perspective?
The thing I dislike the most is revealing certain things about my personal life on the forum. I believe there are things that should not be said, and things that are more valuable to people here which must be said. I hope that I can contribute something to other people here.

10. How long have you been active in PC Perspective?
A little over 6 years.

11. Where are you the most active here? What is it you suppose that draws you to that particular area?
The Off Topic forum. It’s not always about computers there and I’d kinda like to know about other things that are not about computers sometimes.

12. What interests do you have outside of PC Perspective. Don’t be shy, if you don’t have a life outside of here, many readers would like to know!
Women. Interview with member 3dfxrain - Editorial 4However, it also extends to meeting friends, playing sports such as football or basketball, going to nightclubs or restaurants and going to family or business meetings.

13. OK, it’s hardware time! Let’s start with your most, or current favorite piece of hardware. Tell us about it.
My favorite piece of hardware for the last four months is the graphics card on my gaming computer. It’s an XFX 8800GTS 640MB. It overclocks well and I am extremely impressed by it. XFX and NVIDIA did a fine job with this graphics card for me.

14. Software? Hey, if you are a closet Linux user, now’s the time to come out. (If you are a closet Microsoft user, don’t be afraid, we can keep a secret!)
I use both Linux and Windows software because they each have advantages and disadvantages which can be used by anyone who is able to. I use Windows software for games such as Battlefield 2 and Supreme Commander and Linux for browsing the Internet and Folding.

15. OK, let’s get real personal. Witness Protection Program be damned…Can you tell us something about yourself you’d like us to know?
Yes, I find that I would like more excitement and outdoor activity, mainly when I am not using the computer and in certain areas of my life, I get enough outdoor activities already but more is good. I use gaming as excitement and fun that is not experienced when I am not using the computer however I do like going out and getting to know new people and experience new situations.

16. What can you tell us about your job? Hey, if you do something illegal, now’s a good enough time as any to make a clean start!
I am primarily an Analyst for businesses in New Zealand. However I can also get into building and maintaining computer hardware and software. I figure out how to use computers and to get work done. I also advise people in organizations such as businesses on computer hardware and software to buy.

17. Where do you live? (Be fearless, your secret is safe with us..)
I live in New Zealand.

18. What can you tell us about your family??
My father is retired and he invests in a variety of businesses. My mother takes care of elderly people because she works for a home care business. I am the only child from my parents. My parents and myself have a good relationship and I trust them more than anyone else. My rest of my family is great and I get along with them extremely well, I’m always there when they need me the most and I find that they are there for me as well.

19. Here’s a delicate one…How old are you and where did you grow up?
I am 28. I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand.

20. Well, we are getting to the end of it, it’ll all be over soon, I promise. What you would like to say to our forum members, go ahead anything. Get it off your chest. We have all day here….
Just that I would like to thank the forum members for reading and posting messages and contributing to the forum’s discussions or perhaps even PC Perspective as a whole. Your contributions are always appreciated to me