If you upgrade your video system, or slap in a second card, you may find your old power supply gagging under the load and not giving you the reliable power that you had before.  You can go out and buy a bigger PSU and relegate your previous one to the ‘might use one day’ pile, or you can check out the Ultra Power PartnerOverclockers Club slipped one into their case over an unused PCI slot, and they loved it.

“The Ultra Power Partner 325 Watt Power Supply did exactly what it was supposed to do; add more overall power to your computer system without having to replace your older power supply. This, in theory, would be a great idea, however there is one little problem; it does not justify itself economically. With the price of the unit, you could go out and purchase yourself a more powerful power supply than purchasing the Power Partner. Nevertheless, the Power Partner did increase the stability of the system by strengthening the rails. I believe that the Power Partner could be very useful if people did not want to get rid of their current power supply, or for some reason were unable to because of their case.”

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