It wasn’t all that long ago that OCZ bought up PC Power and Cooling and started marketing those power supplies as their own, and even before that OCZ was making their own power supplies which caught a lot of attention.  Corsair also released a few impressive products of its own.  It seems that a new name is entering the power supply field, and one you really would not expect.

Super Talent does not have the catchiest name in the market, but they do have some really nice products.  They are also at the forefront of pushing SSDs, and they have the largest offering to date (250 GB).  Of course, if you can afford a $4k hard drive, more power to you.  Now for something completely different.

The “Atomic Juice” series of power supplies will start out at 600 watts and 700 watts.  These offer quad 12v rails, SLI certification, and a pretty impressive 5 year warranty.  They also include a “Fire Red” LED lighting system inside the power supply.  The 700 watt model is expected to retail around $145, but I am not certain where the 600 watt model will fall.

Nothing quite earthshaking in the rest of the stats as well as features, but it does look to be a competent power supply at a competitive price.

Atomic Juice