Want to run Crossfire but have very little money to spend?  Check out the news over at [H]ard|OCP, where they take the new chipset from AMD, the RS780 which sports a type of R600 integrated GPU that has it’s own integrated 16MB or 32MB chip of RAM to act as part of the framebuffer, and also add in an AMD graphics card and run them in hybrid Crossfire.  They managed to run Crysis @ 1024*768 on Medium settings, a relatively impressive feat for a graphics card and a half.

For a more extreme fix (once the Crysis bugs go away), get SLI x 3 like Ryan tried out for this review.  In some cases the third 8800 Ultra offered benefits right off the bat, and not just a frame or two per second.  In other games you donn’t see the benefits until hitting huge resolutions like 2560*1600 on a 30″ monitor.  It makes sense that if you are going to drop about $2000 on graphics cards alone, that you better get a big monitor to give them some space to show off in.

“Can you run CrossFire with only one video card? AMD shows us that they have it working and were confident enough to even let us sit down and play some games and run benchmarks on their new ATI Hybrid CrossFire system. CrossFire gaming for the masses?”

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