Introduction and Features

Swiftech has a new all-in-one CPU water cooling solution that is an update on the classic H2O-120; the new H2O-120 Compact. It combines their Apogee water block, an MCP350 pump, radiator and reservoir into an easy to install package.

I recently contacted Gabe from Swiftech in regards to the new H2O-120 compact water cooling kit they have recently released. Being a huge fan of water cooling over the years this new product really caught my attention due to the simplicity of the design.

After talking with him about my current computer configuration and goals he decided to send me the new H2O-120 compact kit along with two stealth water blocks for my 2 8800GTS cards and two MCW-30 chipset blocks and all the necessary components to hook this all up in a two loop configuration.

About a week later everything arrived in the mail. As always the packing was impeccable with enough foam peanuts to transport dynamite safely.

With today’s multi-core CPUs and performance increases come the age old issues of increased heat and noise. Traditionally air cooled solutions have been used. These solutions on today’s CPUs can be extremely loud, to having enormous hunks of metal that take up a huge portion of the case restricting airflow in some cases.

Water cooling, since its infancy, has come along ways. In years gone by there have always been 4 components to a well balanced water cooling system: a water block, reservoir, radiator and pump. Most of these components were appropriated from sources that were never designed for water cooling a CPU such as large 120 volt aquarium pumps, heater cores from vehicles, to make shift reservoirs. While getting the job done with decent results these systems of yesterday were bulky, difficult to install and without extreme care could result in leaks that damaged electronic components of the very computer they were to cool.

Enter Swiftech’s new H20-120 Compact liquid cooling. This system’s components, unlike most from the past, have been designed from the ground up to be used solely for one purpose, to water cool computers safely and efficiently with ease for the average person. Instead of using the 4 separate components traditionally used in water-cooling Swiftech has combined the pump with the water block and the reservoir with the radiator to make a truly simple system designed for ease of installation, efficient cooling and low noise operation.

Features (from

High Cooling Power and Quiet Operations
  • High flow system: high power pump, reduced flow path, low pressure drop, 81 CFM fan (@12 volts).
  • Quiet pump, 12 to 7 volt fan adapter for low noise (26 dBA) operations.
  • Optimized radiator for high heat dissipation @ low noise.
Incredibly simple to install
  • Only two components (8 screws) to install
High Reliability and Low Maintenance
  • 50,000 hours MTBF pump.
  • Low porosity laboratory grade Norprene® tubing.
  • Sleeved tubing with anti-kinking Smartcoils.
  • Up to 5 years without refills.
  • Capable of handling the latest desktop processors from Intel® & AMD® .
  • Ample capacity for additional cooling of graphics cards and chipset.
  • Installs inside of most cases featuring a rear 120mm fan. Please check the radiator dimensions to ensure full compatibility with your particular case.
  • The Optional Universal Radiator Housing MCB-120 “Radbox” expands the kit compatibility for external radiator installation to almost any chassis and can also significantly improve CPU temperature.
Superior Value
  • The reduced number of components translates into superior value compared to anything currently available on the market: the bottom line is that you get more cooling power for less money!

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