Secure flash drives are nothing new, but with the on going miniaturization of chips in general and flash memory in particular the storage sizes we are seeing available are growing quickly.  The Lexar 8 GB Jump Drive Secure II Plus sits at a threshold between handy storage for a couple of files, and a proper backup medium.  Overclockers Club loved it, see why in their article.

“Over all I was very impressed with this little thumb drive. It exceeded my expectations for such a tiny package. Lexar is a well known company in the flash card industry, and they proved themselves today; for me anyways. My wife should be plenty happy with me next time I decide to format, being that this jump drive is 8 GB, it can hold a lot for a tiny package. I don’t really need to back up much more than 8 GB, so the use of an external hard drive is some what cumbersome.”

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