After a talk with an rep from AMD, The Tech Report got an update on dual Quad cores and Quad FX … it isn’t happening, at least not soon.  It looks like Phenom will not support this feature, so anyone who picked up a platform that was supposed to support Quad FX won’t have anything to stick in that second socket.  Instead AMD has focused on projects like Spider, and we are left wondering what Intel’s plans will be, and if Skulltrail will die as well.

“As we said in our review of Quad FX, we liked both the technology direction and the upgrade proposition better than the initial Quad FX implementation itself. Many folks seemed to agree, since Quad FX didn’t exactly seem to tear up the sales charts.

Naturally, in the wake of the Phenom processor’s debut, we checked with AMD about what’s next for Quad FX. Here’s what AMD’s Suzy Pruitt told us:”

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