One MMO that has received a lot of attention, and had many waiting impatiently, is Tabula Rasa.  While DriverHeaven doesn’t think it lived up to the high bar that it set for it’s self as a totally fresh start, the Sci-Fi aspects and incorporation of Logos (a type of magic) can be quite enthralling.  They also found that the group combat is a more friendly affair, and helping out some poor sap who’s bitten off more than they can chew will offer you an experience reward.

“Tabula Rasa (Latin, stands for clean slate or chance to start anew) was supposed to be another game on the long list of fantasy MMOs, but during development Richard Garriott and his team decided to scrap that idea and start from scratch (a clean slate indeed, heh), this time going with a more Sci-Fi theme. If you saw the cinematic trailer for the game (which also acts as the intro sequence), you know that humanity no longer calls earth its home. After a brutal invasion that pretty much ensured nothing more than single cell organisms survived, Earth was left behind, forcing humanity to start rebuilding their lives on alien planets. The interesting thing is that at the time of the invasion humans weren’t yet a spacefaring species, so the question arises how they escaped the catastrophe? Well, unknown to most of the population, governments discovered portals left on earth by an ancient civilization. They used these portals to evacuate a limited number of people, all handpicked in order to ensure humanity lives on.”

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