Sure, you can argue that there is plenty of new things coming out in the first quarter, so you might want to wait until then to buy a new system.  Of course then you will hear about the new stuff coming out in quarter 2 and 3 … and so on until you are trapped in one of Zeno’s famous paradoxes.

Come on, bite the bullet!  We have seen a bunch of new components come out that offer more than just a raw increase in clock speed.  If the list of things to buy overwhelms you, drop by The Tech Report and they can help you out.

“Deciding when to pull the trigger on a new PC isn’t easy, since new technology is always waiting just around the corner to spoil the party. As soon as you build a system, something shiny and new will arrive that offers higher performance and gee-whiz new features at the same price or less. This is the way of all things in the PC industry, and it’s a very healthy dynamic.

But it’s still a pain in the rear.”

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