OCMODSHOP has investigated the ways that you can take XM’s satellite feed and record it using Media Centre so that you can catch all your favourite shows when you have the time.  Seeing as how you can hear hockey, basketball or whatever sport you prefer, on top of regularly scheduled radio shows, you never have to miss them again just because you had to do some work.

“When XM Radio first came out, they featured a radio that connected directly to your PC. This wonder allowed you to capture the audio stream directly to your PC, which could then be edited or converted in any way. Needless to say, the recording industry was not happy with this, and those XM products have been discontinued.

XM is a great service. It is way better than traditional FM radio, and offers hundreds of commercial-free music, talk radio, comedy, sports, news and other channels. It is just begging to be put on your Media Center PC, but how? Here are a few options on how to receive (and even record) XM radio on your Media Center PC.”

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