PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 EPS12V proves that OCZ knows exactly what made PCP&C the best, and that they aren’t going to fix something that isn’t broken.  There are no fancy colours or racing stripes, the cabling is not modular nor UV reactive or anything else, what there is instead is top of the line components from the PCB to the resistors.  At it’s rated 610W, it is over 80% efficient and Hardware Secrets found that it can provide peak power greater than that, whereas most other PSUs use the peak power as their rated power.

“Silencer 610 EPS12V is a 610 W power supply from PC Power & Cooling using the traditional PC power supply design with a single 80-mm fan on its rear side. Besides its Spartan looks this unit features active PFC, two video card power connectors for SLI and CrossFire, EPS12V connector and is labeled at 40º C, so the manufacturer guarantees that you will truly get 610 W of power. In fact, this unit came with a testing report generated by a Chroma 8000 machine (probably the most high-end power supply load tester available today), showing that not only this unit can deliver its 610 W but it can peak up to 680 W. As usual, we completely disassembled this power supply to take an in-depth look on its design and components.”

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