OCZ certainly picked a heck of a company to buy when they decided to jump into the power supply industry.  PC Power and Cooling has long been a well respected name in the industry, and products such as the Silencer 750 have been staples in the high end power supply market.  Today they are announcing a new member of the venerable Turbo-Cool family.  The Turbo-Cool 860 has a whopping 64 amps on a single 12V rail, and can handle up to 72 amps of peak performance.  It is NVIDIA SLI certified up to 2 x 8800 Ultras.

The design still relies on a smaller 60 mm fan rather than the larger 80 mm and 120 mm types often employed in higher rated power supplies.  It also features externally accesible potentiators to fine tune the 3V and 5V rails, as well as an undisclosed way to adjust the 12V rail “by experienced users”.  Whatever that means.  One of my first high end power supplies was a Turbo-Cool 510 which lasted me for years as the primary power supply of my high end testbeds.  Never once did it let me down… until I tried to run 2 x X1900 XTX/CF.  Then it was time for an upgrade.  Still, the Turbo-Cool line has always been one of the top performers in the PCP&C stable of products.

“The Turbo-Cool 860 is the most stable, most reliable, and most feature-rich power supply on the market today,” stated Doug Dodson, founder of PC Power & Cooling and CTO of Power Management for OCZ. “It’s the perfect successor to our renowned Turbo-Cool 510, the industry’s very first NVIDIA SLI certified power supply.”