The Tech Zone was a little leery trying out the Pinnacle PCTV HD Ultimate Stick, as they have been disappointed in the past by similar products.  It looks good coming out of the package, though it only has support for basic I/O cables but it does come with a remote and the stick itself even sports an antenna.  You’ll have to read the full review to see if this is more of the same disappointment, or if Pinnacle has managed a serious improvement.

“Back in August, we had a look at the Pinnacle USB HDTV Tuner and while the concept was a decent one, the execution was quite poor and left me quite unsatisfied with my notebook-powered HDTV-watching experience. Pinnacle has followed up on that lesser product with a new model called the Pinnacle HD Ultimate Stick. This USB TV tuner improves on its predecessors in several ways, but is it enough to warrant a recommendation? Read on and find out.”

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