Your email will soon be following you onto the plane, along with IM and more as other airlines start rolling out internet services.  What wasn’t mentioned is whether power will be supplied as well, so you should start stocking up on batteries if you want to take advantage of it.  It also seems to be a good time to start building a very light weight UT3 server with wireless for a little airborne fragging.  More on Slashdot.

“JetBlue Airways will soon begin testing a free e-mail and instant messaging service on one aircraft, while American Airlines, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines plan to offer a broader Web experience in the coming months, probably priced at about $10 a flight. A recent survey found that 26 percent of leisure travelers would pay $10 for Internet access on a two-to-four-hour flight and 45 percent would pay that amount for a flight longer than four hours. The airlines plans to turn their planes into the equivalent of a wireless hot spot once the aircraft reaches its cruising altitude but service will not be available on takeoff and landing. While the technology could allow travelers to make phone calls over the Internet, most carriers say they have no plans to allow voice communications.”

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