Ars Technica looks back at 2007 and the games that made this a great year.  Some of the hits we saw were a little challenged, as some companies had issues while others took their already good reputations to new heights.  See what else they loved and hated about the past year, or just go play Rock Band some more, it’s up to you.
“2007 was the year of the video game. All three consoles were on store shelves by the first of the year, and each console had a run of incredible titles. People bought systems and software at almost alarming rates; 2007 put 2006 soundly to bed in terms of retail sales. There are no such thing as “next-gen” consoles anymore, as we’re firmly into the world of the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. And, of course, the PC hasn’t gone anywhere.”

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