It is the first Friday of 2008, which leads to the first forum post of 2008 as well as the first PC Perspective Podcast for 2008.  If you haven’t already listened to Josh and Ryan in Podcast #19, then start streaming or you will be missing out on some great info from CES, news from around the web and indepth looks at some of our recent reviews.

Once you have caught up on that news, you can see some of the action in the forums, as most of our members picked up at least one new piece of tech over the holidays.  For instance, with a new HTPC and movies to watch, you may start thinking that Network Attached Storage would help get your media from the PC to the TV.  You can find some great hints on setting up a NAS server in the Networking Forum.

Some members of the Processor Forum want a new processor, others have set their sights a little higher and want the whole company, while some in the Cases’n’Cooling Forum would settle for a good PSU.  Over in Video Forum-land, there is a long discussion about the best coolers for the 8800GT series, focusing on heat and noise as well as overclocking potential.
You can get some good advice about wires in the Audio Forum, that is desperately needed by anyone who would consider buying from PEAR cable.  Really though, if you are still looking to buy things, the best place to head is the Trading Post, lots of good gear has started appearing over the past week!