The new mobile Penryn processors didn’t gain an incredible amount of speed or power along with their die shrink, in fact they use less power which should translate into longer battery life.  AnandTech had the chance to test this theory and it turns out to be true.  The added time you can expect does depend on your chosen application, but the lowest increase AnandTech saw was a gain of 23 minutes in Reader 2007.  You even get a boost in the benchmarks they ran to make the deal even more attractive.

“As a simple CPU change, this year’s update is far simpler – it’s all in the processor. Starting this month, Intel will begin shipping its first 45nm mobile processors based on the Penryn core. On the desktop you’ll remember that Penryn offered mild performance improvements over Conroe, but in the mobile space the reduction in power consumption should translate directly into longer battery life and cooler running notebooks.”

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