You have most likely heard of nVIDIA’s Enthusiast System Architecture, their attempt to bring a new level of accuracy to monitor the health of the temperatures and voltages in your system at many different points.  We even saw a few ESA compliant parts at CES, so the chances are good we will see at least a trial of this technology.  You can see what the first release looks like over at The Tech Report, as they have managed to get their hands on a reference model.

“NVIDIA announced its Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) back in November, promising to consolidate system and hardware monitoring under a single communication protocol. The open standard has been put before the USB-if (the standards body that governs the USB spec) HID subcommittee with hopes of ratification, and even if it’s not approved, Nvidia has pledged to make ESA available for free and without licensing fees.

Of course, ESA itself is merely a communication protocol; it governs how variables you might want to monitor, such as temperatures, voltages, or fan speeds, are passed over a standard USB connection to the host system. Two other elements are required for meaningful system monitoring and control. First, you need ESA-compliant hardware with valuable information to report. Second, software is required to gather data from ESA devices and present it to the user.

Today, we have our first look at both courtesy of an Nvidia demo system loaded with ESA components. Running the show are new versions of Nvidia’s control panel and system monitoring software optimized with ESA in mind, providing users with an unprecedented level of control over system variables and customizable hardware monitoring. Keep reading for an in-depth look at ESA in action, in both hardware and software.”

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