Dell’s UltraSharp 3008WFP-HC will accept just about any possible signal, with ports on the back for Analog VGA, DVI-D (2, w/HDCP), HDMI, DisplayPort, S-Video, Composite and Component.  The 8ms gray-to-gray can show some issues in FPS games, but ExtremeTech found the display perfect for watching HD video.  Another consideration for gamers is that it doesn’t handle 1680×1050 which some find to be a sweet spot for Crysis.

“Let’s review the state of 30-inch desktop displays. All of them support 2560×1600 resolution. Most of them, with the exception of the recently released Gateway XHD3000 use the PC’s graphics card for all video processing. That means you can’t really connect devices like game consoles, DVD players, and other devices to these monitors, with the exception of the aforementioned XHD3000.

Until now.”

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