AMD’s response to the enthusiast has arrived with the 3870 X2, a pair of GPUs on a single card running at 825 MHz at the core and RAM doing 1.8 GHz.  The card uses Crossfire invisibly, there is no set up to do, in fact you can’t even see Crossfire as an option with one of these cards, so the set up is a breeze.  It performs on par or better than nVIDIA’s offerings, and you can expect to pay ~$500 when it becomes available.  [H]ard|OCP even managed a fair overclock of 878Mhz and 1.91GHz, so there is hope of factory overclocked versions appearing.

You can also see Ryan’s take on this card at the top of our front page.

"One of the more anticipated video cards of this year is finally here, AMD is launching the ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2. What will two 3870 GPUs on one board do for you in gaming? We are going to find out exactly that in Crysis, UT3, COD 4 and HL2."

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